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Meet the


Hello Wild Hare Family!

Let me introduce you to some of the faces behind the name. 




My name is Krista O'Hare. I have always dreamed of living on a big ranch with a multitude of animals. Well for now, that is still a dream. I do, however, work a full time job as a zookeeper taking care of multiple different species. I met my husband Nick at zoo school. We married in 2018 and shortly after bought our first home on an acre of land. We immediately bought chickens and started a garden. Our hope is to grow our farm in the future.  



Carter is a family friend that has graciously helped me build this goat milk soap dream of mine. He raises and milks the goats so we know we are putting the highest quality milk into our soaps! Carter shows the goats in 4-H and says the livestock shows have taught him dedication, good work ethic and business skills. Carter milks the goats twice a day for several months. He says "Milking goats is not that difficult , but it is definitely a skill that must be achieved." Thank you Carter for taking such great care of the girls! 

AJ and Jenny.jfif

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Almond Joy (AJ) and Jenny

AJ is the mother to Jenny. Jenny was born on Carter's farm in 2019. 


All the girls on the farm.


Jorja is the milker who joined

the herd most recently. She was born in 2019 and had kids in March 2021. 


Nova is the youngest who was

born on the farm in 2020. 

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